We invite you to join our Association as a Member.

Our association has an important role in workingn with all regulatory agencies, including Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Labor and Industry, Underground STorage Tank Insurance Fund (USTIF), Weights and Measurers and Storage Tank Adivisory Committee (STAC). We have an invluence on those regulations that govern our business. With changing regulations, the need for TIP to represent you and provide you information is of paramount importance.

TIP has board seats on STAC and USTIF which have beeng rated by the State Legislature. DEP has been adamant that those seats must be filled by a representative association. Your company needs to be a part of TIP for your voice to be heard.

In addition to this necessary liaison, TIP holds a yearly membership meeting which highlights regulation changes, new product information and includes speakers from all of the Pennsyvlania agencies listed above.

Charter members enjoy free attendace at the General Membership Meeting, payment of the PA One Call Annual Fee, discounts on training and other materials.

Basic membership entitles companies to discounted fees for the General Membership meeting as well as training and other materials.

Won't you consider joining TIP today? Download our application. Thank you!!